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The Municipality of Mošćenička Draga stretches from Medveja (the bay of Cesara) to Zagorje (Stepča) for some 16km. It has 7 pebble beaches and countless forest and mountain tracks. Its territory encompasses a large part of the nature park Učka. The location is very interesting because, besides the classical (sea) tourism, it has the possibility of the rural (agro) tourism on the slopes of mountain Učka – the chain of Učka with the mountain tops of Učka, Sisol, Kremenjak. The inhabitants of the municipality are around 1700, i.e. 1300 households.

The main economic activities are tourism and fishery. The fishing tradition dates back to the 19th century, while the tourism developed after the Second World War. The two beautiful beaches in Mošćenička Draga are the main reason for which many domestic and foreign tourist spend their summer vacations here. The town is sometimes referred to as the Croatian Portofino because of its resemblance to that beautiful Italian town. In the area of Kvarner, Mošćenička Draga is known as ‘the pearl of Kvarner’ which without doubt it certainly is.

 Besides the two beaches, Mošćenička Draga has plenty of old and new villas located along the coast, a rather old park known as ‘Contovo’ because it was built by the owner of the villa ‘Biser’ count Conte. The pathway towards the beach of St. John is a very romantic location, especially during summer nights when under the moonlight it unfolds its Mediterranean charms. The coastal path is remembered in the poem ‘Sipar’ by Rikard Katalinić Jeretov which is carved in a stone slab at the end of the first beach. At the end of the pathway there is villa ‘Zagreb’, once known as villa ‘Osoinak’.

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