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  • Mošćenička Draga

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House Dobreć 2

Dobreć looks a like pure oasis with its hundred years old sweet chestnut trees and quietness. In Dobreć you enjoy painting, taking photos, walking, hiking, driving a bicycle, playing table tennis or badminton or just lazing around. There is a beautiful view to the Kvarner bay, Rijeka, Opatija, Ičići and islands Cres and Krk. Dobreć is situated in the national park Učka so you can walk towards Poklon part of Učka (app. 2 hours), or Vojak (app. 4 hours) the peak of Učka. If you decide to go for a swim in the beautiful Adriatic sea instead of enjoying the peace of the old trees – you need just 10 minutes. If you come in autumn you can help us with collecting sweet chestnut.








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